Commercial Bank in India

Schedule Bank

A Bank Which Is Listed in The Second Schedule of RBI Act 1934 Is Known as Schedule Bank Schedule Bank Is a Real Bank There Are Two Types of Scheduled Bank, They Are Commercial Banks and Co-Operative Banks RBI Directly Governs and Controls These Schedule Banks

1 Commercial Banks

 Commercial Bank Is a Business Unit Which Provides Banking Service for Profit Commercial Bank Work as Per the Rules Let Down by The Reserve Bank of India Examples of Commercial Banks Are State Bank of India Yes Bank Commercial Bank Can Be Further Classified into Private Sector Commercial Banks Public Sector Commercial Banks Foreign Banks and Regional Ruler Banks Economic Reforms in India Took Place in The Year 1991 After Which Foreign Banks Were Allowed to Function in India

2 Cooperative Banks

Cooperative Bank Is a Retail and Commercial Bank but Formed on A Cooperative Basis Cooperative Banks Work as Per the Rules Let Down by The Register of Cooperative Societies

Central Bank RP Kent Defines a Central Bank as The Institution Charged with The Responsibility of Managing and Expansion and Contraction of The Volume of Money in The Interest of General Public Welfare

A Central Bank Is a Bank That Managers Evaluands and Regulate the Banking Activity in A Country All the Country in The World Have a Central Bank in India RBI Reserve Bank of India Is the Central Bank

Bank of Baroda. 
Bank of India.  
Bank of Maharashtra.  
Indian Overseas Bank.  
Central Bank of India.  
Indian Bank.  
Canara Bank.  

Functions Of Central Bank

Central Bank Products The Interest And Rights Of Customer Of All Banks Central Bank Maintenance Financial Stability For Better Economy By Regulating All The Financial Transaction Of The Country Central Bank Has The Authority To Maintain The Value Of Currency In A Country Central Bank Also Makes Monetary Policy Whose Rules Applied To All The Banks In A Country Central Banks Helps Regulates And Promotes The Entire Money Market And Banking Sector Money Market Is Where Financial Instrument Like Treasury Bills Commercial Paper Etc With High Liquidity And Very Short Term Maturities Are Traded Central Banks Also Provide Facial Advises And Suggestions To The Government Of A Country

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