Measures To Reduce Poverty

GOVERNMENT Has Taken Following Measures to Reduce Poverty During Planning Period

Step To Increase Agriculture Productivity

 One Of The Most Important Reason For Poverty In India Is Low Productivity In Agriculture By Increasing The Productivity The Agriculture Income Can Be Increased Which 10 Can Reduce The Poverty Among Field Labourers In Order To Achieve This Objective The Government Condes Various Programs For Farmers Farmers Are Made Aware About Latest Technology Available Resource At Reasonable Rates Improve Infrastructure Facilities Maximum Price That Can Procure For Their Products And Regulated Market For The Produce Small Scale Agriculture Will Not Apply Only Increases Productivity Per Elaborates But Also Implement Opportunities This Will Also Help In Bringing Down The Price

1-Development Of Small-Scale Industry  2-Development Of Unorganised Sector  
3-Use Of Appropriate Tax Policy 5-Goods And Services at Reasonable Rate  4-Rise In Human Capital Investment   6-Employment Programs  
7-Housing Schemes  8-Social Security Schemes  
9-Jan Dhan Yojana  CONCLUSION

1-Development Of Small-Scale Industry

In India Small and Cottage Industry Immensely Contribute in Gross National Income and Employment So If Small and Cottage Industry Can Be Developed and Encourage Then Poverty Can Be Reduced on A Large-Scale Favourable Environment Reducing Control Making Available New Raw Materials Providing Loans and Technology and Market to Sell Final Goods Are Few Development Activities That the Government Should Underteach

2-Development Of Unorganised Sector

Sector And Its Labourers Have a Strong Contribution in Production and Employment National Commission Has Recommended to Provide Proper Working Condition Life Insurance Help Facilities Old Age Pension and Other Social Security Measures to This Labourers for Improving Their Condition for Small and Marginal Farmers It Is Recommended to Provide Irrigation Facilities and Loan Facility

3-Use Of Appropriate Tax Policy

Government Frames Tax Policy So That It Can Reduce Inequality Of Income And Poverty And Restricted Income To Fulfil This Objective Government Makes Such Policies Wear In More Taxes Imposed To Rich Class Which Can Effort Tax And Less Tax Is Imposed To Poor Class N Given Text Concession This Way Government Collects Fun By Imposing Text On Rich People And Max Expenses On Welfare Oriented Programs For Poor People As A Result Socio Economic Condition Of Poor Improve And Reduction In Informality And Poverty Is Seen

4-Rise In Human Capital Investment

Development Asian Make Large Investment on Education Skill Development Etc and So Have Very Low Unemployment Has Poverty Is Less in Such Countries High Level of Education Satisfies the Requirement to Various Employment Opportunities and Choices Among Workers Skill Development Increases the Productivity of Worker and That Is Reflected in High Wages That They Earn in Order to Achieve the Objective Continuous Investment Is Required for Training and Research

5-Goods And Services at Reasonable Rate

Poor People Mostly Cannot Satisfy Their Basic Needs Like Food Clothing And Housing Most Of Their Earning Are Used In Buying Edible Goods For Daily Needs So Effort Should Be Made To Provide Them Nutritive Food Additional Rates This Problem Is Largely Address Through Public Distribution System In India Under This System The Government Has Setup Ration Shop Where Ruler And Urban Poor Or Sold Basic Utility Of Goods At Reasonable Price During Situation Like Drought And Scarcity The Public Distribution System Tax Care That It Is Able To Satisfy Basic Needs Of Poor This System Largely Help The Poor And Check Poverty

6-Employment Programs

Government Has Ruled Out Several Employment Program to Employee People Enhance Eradicate Poverty the Programs Are Won Integrated Ruler Development Programme to Veg Employment Scheme 3 Prime Minister Roger Yojana 4 National Ruler Employment Guarantee Act 5 Housing Schemes 6 Social Security Schemes 7 Jan Dhan Yojana

7-Housing Schemes

Till Date In India A Majority Of Poor People Live In Temporary Houses With An Objective To Provide Proper Dwelling To Poor Indira Awasa Yojana Was Started In 1985 For Family Is Below Poverty Line And Schedule Caste Schedule Tribe In 2013 Rajiv Gandhi Yajna Was Implemented To Improve The Housing Of Those Who Decide In Hertz To Solve The Dwelling Problem Of Urban Poor Prime Minister Hours Yojana Was Started On 25th June 2015 All The Housing Schemes So The Purpose Of Dwelling But Simultaneously The Also Create Employment For People Who Work In Their Construction Project

8-Social Security Schemes

As A Strategy To Reduce Poverty In India Various Social Security Schemes For Started For Workers Of Inorganization Atal Pension Yojana Was Started On 9th May 2015 To Provide Monthly Pension To People Above 60 Years Along With The Pension Scheme Called Prime Minister Security Scheme Was Also Launched Under This Came People In The Age Of 18 To 70 Years I Provided Accident Insurance Of 2 Lakh At A Very Low Premium Of 12 Under Given Jyoti Scheme People Are Provided Life Insurance Of 2 Lakhs At Premium Of 3:30 Per Year To Save Cut Farmers From Properly Prime Minister Fazal Bama Yojana Was Started

9-Jan Dhan Yojana

To Hit the Routes of Poverty Through Financial Inclusion and Ambition Scheme Called Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana Was Started On 20th August 2014 the Objective of This Scheme Was to Bring Those People Under Banking Who Do Not Have Bank Account and Hance Reduce Reasonable Inequalities This Yojana Was Started and The Main Purpose Was That the Subsidy Given to Poor Families by Government Should Directly Go to Their Bank Account


The Government Has Put Several Efforts to Reduce Poverty However Going to A Very Large and Scattered Population Still a Lot of Efforts Has to Be Put to Completely from India

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