Poverty And Indicators of Poverty

There Are Two Main Types of Poverty They Are Absolute Poverty and Relative Poverty the Nature of Poverty Depends Upon This to Components

Absolute Poverty

The Minimum Amount of Income and Expenditure That Is Needed to Satisfy the Basic Needs of Human Being Is Known as Poverty Line People Who Are Below the Poverty Line Are Known as Absolute Poor and Their Poverty Is Called Absolute Poverty

Relative Poverty

The Condition In Which People Like The Minimum Amount Of Income Needed In Order To Maintain The Average Standard Of Living In The Society In Which They Leave Is Called Relative Poverty Not That The Concept Of Absolute Poverty Focuses On The Minimum Consumption Expenditure Required For Satisfying Minimum Needs Where As The Concept Of Radio Poverty Focuses On Income Inequality Existing In Different Groups Of People Living In Society Income Disparity Exist In All Economics Those Who Earned Less Are Considered Relatively Poor Then Those Who Earn More

Indicators Of Poverty

Low Per Capita Household Consumption Expenditure

Per Capita Household Consumption Expenditure Is The Amount Of Income That Household Spends For The Conception Of Various Goods And Services It Is Calculated On The Basis Of Market Price Of Durable Goods Like Cars Television Refrigerator Washing Machine Extra Average Per Capita Households Consumption Expenditure Is Calculated With The Help Of Below Mention Formula Average Per Capita Household Consumption Expand Teacher Is Equal To Country Total Household Expenditure On Various Goods And Services Divided By Total Population Of The Country Since The Per Capita Income Of Developing Country Is Lesser Than The Developed Countries This Work As An Indicator The Developing Countries Are Poor


The Condition in Which the Food Taken by Individuals Lac Proper Nutrition the Food Legs Sufficient Calories Protein Carbohydrate Vitamin and Minerals Is Called Malnutrition India’s Per Capita Income Is Low and Their Exist a White Spread Income Disparity Hands in Spite of Rise in Agriculture Production People Will Low Income Are Unable to Get Neetu to Food They Suffer from Malnutrition

Life Expectancy

The Average Expected Lifespan of a Newburn Baby Is Called the Life Expectancy the Average Life Expend Acy of People in A Country Is Based on Nutritive Food Cleanliness Pure Drinking Water and Health Services Poor People Are Deprived of Such Facilities and So They Have Low Life Expectancy

Infant Mortality

The Number of Deaths Per 1000 Newburn Before Reaching the Age Of 1 Year Is Called Infant Mortality the Rate of Infant Mortality Depends on Availability of Health Services Mother’s Education Vaccination Among Children and Nutrition of Food Life Expend and Infant Mortalities Also and Indicator of Poverty with Respect to Poor Health Services

Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities Includes Number Of Hospital Doctor Nurses Compounders Etc Available To Approve Health Care To The Citizen Of Country In Developed Country Medical Facilities Are Widely Available And Hands Life Expectancy Of Citizen Is High And Infant Mortality Rate Is Low Where Is This Is Not The Case In Developing Countries In Hands The Life Expend Acy Is Less As Per An Estimate There Is One Doctor For 350 People In Develop Countries Where Is There Is One Doctor For 6000 People In Developing Countries In Developing Countries Because Of Poverty People Do Not Have Access To Medical Facilities And Their For Life Expend Acy Rate Is Blow And Infant Mortality Rate Is High In Developing Countries Every Year 1.7 Crore People Die From Diarrheal Malaria And TV 2.3 Crore People Are Suffering From AIDS World Over Out Of This 90% Belong Tu D Development Economics

Drinking Water

Lack Of Pure Drinking Water Is The Root Cause Of All The Help Problems In India Around 63% Of Population Gets Drinking Water From Treated Sources The Water Is Given Treatment Of Purification Around 9% Population Gets Drinking Water From Untreated Sources And Around 26% Population Gets Drinking Water From Other Sources Like P** Tube well Handpump Etc Pure Drinking Water Leads To Many Water Prawn Diseases Which Again Intext Life Expectancy And Infant Mortality Rate Thinking Water Is An Indicator Of Poverty

Provisions For Toilets

India Is a Land of Villages Because Around 70% Population Lives in Villages Most of The Villages Still Use UN Treated Source of Water Like Tube well Hand Pump Canal Pons Extra Hands Villages Are More to Water Related Diseases Cleanliness Is Another Important Aspect and Is Directly Related to Senilities in India as Per Sensors 2011 Report 34 Percentage of Household Do Not Have Toilets in Their Home and This Leads to Several Diseases


Housing Is Primary Need For Human Being Type Of Housing Facilities Decide The Level Of Poverty And Hands Is An Indicator Of Poverty Developing Country Like Housing Facilities People Live In Dirty Charles And Slums How Is The House Constructed Does It Have Proper Ventilation And Veranda How Many Members Live In House Does The House Have Water Tap Drainage Electricity Facilities Etc Are All The Parameters That Decide The Quality Of House And Hands The Level Of Poverty In India 60 Crore People Have Dwellings Which Are Dangerous For Their Health Most Of The Houses In India Comprises One Room Facility Which Is One Of The Measure Measuring Road Of Poverty

Electricity Consumption

A Country Is Development Largely Depends Upon The Excess Of Electricity To Its Citizen India Is A Major Producer And Consumer Of Electricity But Because Of Lack Of Infrastructure And Low Per Capita Income The Conception Of Electricity Is Very Low


According To World Bank People In The Age Group Of 15 Years And Above Who Can Read And Write A Literate Illiterate The Illiterate Are Mostly Poor Lack Of Education And Training Result In In Capable And Less Productive Labours In Country As A Result Elaborates Get Limited Work Opportunities And Choices Hence Less Wages And Low Income Increases Poverty In 2011 Brazil Head 91% Literacy Rate Where Is In India It Was 74.04% In Nepal 60 Percentage And 55% In Pakistan The Figure Shows That Literacy Rate In Developing Country Is Comparatively Very Less Low Education Among Poor Makes Them Conservative And Relucent To Changes Hence High Rate Of Ignorance Is A Stronger Indicator Of Poverty

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