Quantitative And Qualitative Measures of Monetary Policy

There Are Two Types of Instruments or Say Measures of Monetary Policy 1-Quantitative Measures 2-Quality Measure Quantitative Measures  Quantitative Measures Are General Measures That Influence the Overall Economy Measures That Have an Impact on The Economy in General They Are Not Bifurcated Based on Sectors or Segment in The Economy They Have a Common Impact … Read more

Measures To Reduce Poverty

GOVERNMENT Has Taken Following Measures to Reduce Poverty During Planning Period Step To Increase Agriculture Productivity  One Of The Most Important Reason For Poverty In India Is Low Productivity In Agriculture By Increasing The Productivity The Agriculture Income Can Be Increased Which 10 Can Reduce The Poverty Among Field Labourers In Order To Achieve This … Read more

Poverty And Indicators of Poverty

There Are Two Main Types of Poverty They Are Absolute Poverty and Relative Poverty the Nature of Poverty Depends Upon This to Components Absolute Poverty The Minimum Amount of Income and Expenditure That Is Needed to Satisfy the Basic Needs of Human Being Is Known as Poverty Line People Who Are Below the Poverty Line … Read more

Meaning And Evolution of Bank

Banks Are Commercial Or Financial Institution Whose Main Function Is To Receive Deposits From People And Land Them For Investment Purpose People Deposit Their Access Money Savings In The Bank In Return Of Which The Bank Provides Them Interest The Men Services That Bank Provides To People Are Depositing Money In The Form Of Savings … Read more

Commercial Bank in India

Schedule Bank A Bank Which Is Listed in The Second Schedule of RBI Act 1934 Is Known as Schedule Bank Schedule Bank Is a Real Bank There Are Two Types of Scheduled Bank, They Are Commercial Banks and Co-Operative Banks RBI Directly Governs and Controls These Schedule Banks 1 Commercial Banks  Commercial Bank Is a … Read more

Reserve Bank of India

Reserve Bank of India Is Central Bank of India the Institution Charged with The Responsibility of Managing the Expansion and Contraction of The Volume of Money in The Interest of General Public Welfare Is Termed as Central Bank a Central Bank Is a Bank That Managers All the Other Banks. Function Reserve Bank of India … Read more

Origin And Evolution of Money

Use Of Animals Initially People Started Using Animals as Standard Measurement Value Medium of Exchange and As an Easier Means of Storage in Olden Days Agricultural the Major Sector of The Economy Enhance There Was a Large Production of Crops Producer Used to Stop the Need That Produce and Sold Rest of Crops to Buy … Read more

Money And Evolution

Barter System System Of Exchange Where Goods Or Service Are Directly Exchanged For Other Goods Or Service Without Using A Medium Of Exchange Such As Money Is Known As Barter System This System Existed In Olden Times In Olden Times People Lived A Simple Village Life And Headless Needs The Carried-Out Agriculture Exchange And Exchange … Read more